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The Hand Trowel Soft Mulberry

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Your garden friend, this trowel is the best of all trowels. 

At Mulch. we make tough tools for tough jobs! Extra durable, we make our tools from one continuous piece of strengthened high carbon steel for extra strength and flexibility. The grade E9 steel is hardened to 42-45 on the HRC Scale resulting in excellent wear resistance and we use high-quality, straight-grained, grade British Standard 3823 ash which is durable, flexible and beautiful.

Our hand trowel has been designed and hand-finished in the UK and each ash handle lovingly hand-stained.  The trowel is then half polished to give an attractive shine. 

All of our tools are painted with a beautiful matt finish with the trowel available in graphite grey and soft mulberry. We also offer matching digging tools in graphite grey.

We want our customers to love their garden tools as much as they love their gardens. Our grandparents treasured their tools because they were built to last, did the job and were nice to hold. We want our tools to be treasured too, so we build them to be passed down through the generations.  

Gardening is all about trowel and error!